Welcome adventurers! A brand new journey through the Kingdom of Midgard awaits.

ROsē – our server is like a glass of great wine with most distinctive taste. We created special in-game experience through alchemy. The key ingredients of our philosopher’s stone are knowledge of modern needs and memories of good old times. We transmuted these two elements into ROsē. That is is our opinion the recipe to achieve the best taste.

Why we chose wine instead of something else? What are the similarities of  wine and Ragnarok online?

All of us love that time in the evening when we get to relax after work. We just sit into our comfy chairs, turn our PCs on and we start to play RO. During this relaxing time we get to meet our friends, chat with them and enjoy our time. The feeling of calmness, happines, relaxation and sometimes a bit of nostalgia ensues. Someone could tell that this is an addiction, that we might be “alcoholics”, but we just LOVE this time.

ROsē – a tasteful blend of a recent content with CLASSIC experience to provide you with a modern, yet nostalgic experience with a new spark.  

Like all MMORPG games do, RO has evolved a lot. Game mechanics have been completely revamped, but community around us love the classic, nostalgic feeling of RO. We keep our server pre-renewal, but added amazing and rich episodic content up to 12 episode with all quests, monsters and equip. We changed all non wearable gear for 2nd class from these episodes to be applicable to them. Somehow we do wish to stay up-to-date with the revamped content. We like few changes that were introduced by the Renewal or Zero mechanics, so we converted few Renewal-zero skills, balanced them and made them enjoyable to Pre-renewal environment.



In our eyes, low exp rates combined with higher drop chance is an ideal mix. Our community feels that grinding on the same monsters day after day is the hardest thing in nowadays lifestyle. As we said earlier most of us have jobs, families and other priorities, so its not same as when we were young and had time to grind for every piece of gear. Actually, in our server you just have to gather a bunch of nice people, go to desired leveling location and enjoy your time while you get nice drops. 

The grinding can feel a bit toxic. With ROsē you can intoxicate yourself enjoyably and in moderation. As you should do with an amazing wine. 


We think that we don’t need custom instances, dungeons, monsters or change a lot of things to have more fun or more challenging server. Everything is already in RO, we just blended together what we think is the the best and most balanced. In our opinion, some RO servers have low episodes and a little content that they need to create something custom. On the other side of the spectrum there are servers which has 3rd, 4th classes, higher rates or something else that could be boring  and repetitive after short time. Think about it.
What if you tried to organize a big party of second classes and kill Thanathos, MVPs from BIO, Ifrit or Beelzebub ? Did you ever try to go on journey with only those classes and hunt Orlean Gloves, Tidal Shoes or something else?
Seem like a big challenge and lot of fun for us!
You just need to try our server and have some fun with strangers and with your friends!


We want to encourage players to play with others in a party. That’s why we created single client restriction. As you saw in Server informations, we extended the party size up to 18 members and increased exp bonuses up to 205%.


We love PVP and WoE! Thats why we would like to bring unique experience for you. We have several ideas which are currently in progress. Soon we will offer you more than the usual experience. What we can tell you now is that we are preparing another two types of WoE(First class WoE and Super novice WoE).

So join us and start to play with a set of non customized items or try to challenge others with equip from later episodes.


We modified some skills to make specific builds more competitive, useful in WoE and more durable in latest episodes. So bring your knowledge acquired over years and mix it with our changes and create a new specific build. Start your own unique journey and mix it according to your taste. 

Cash Shop

We vow to never implement game-breaking custom equipments and quests. We as well vow to never never implement Battle Manuals, Potions or other imbalanced pay-to-win items into the Cash Shop. However, lets be honest. We are not rich guys, nor our salaries are big, we can not afford expensive things just for fun (like RO server). That’s the reason why we have a cash shop. It’s the only natural way to compensate our investment to the server, but don’t worry! You can earn these cash shop points also by different ways (voting, pvping, mvping as well as playing WoE)

We added several official headgear costumes without stats or any additional bonuses. All of these will be rerolled every month or two so get it while you can! Also we added Barber Receipt which can be used in Barbershop. He can change your hairstyle, dye hair, dye wardrobe and change color of your skin.

   Bit different.

„Our vision and setup is definitive and will be not changed. We are tired of all server owners whom claim to have democratic view, the most professional attitude and experienced team and at the end of the day server dies in few weeks or months. Our server is a bit twisted as our sexual imagination, but we are honest. We mix pre-renewal classic server and spice it up with few renewal things. Lets join us.